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Wax Strips Packaging Boxes

Wax Strips Packaging Boxes



Wax strips are used to remove the hair from the human body. As the high atmospheric temperature may melt down or may soften the wax strips, the hair removing abilities may be lowered. So, special type of the wax strips packaging boxes are used to pack and store the wax strips to protect them from the surrounding high temperatures. These boxes are made with the cardboard which is thick, soft and particularly heat resisting.

As we are wax strips packaging boxes supplier in Australia and are well aware of the process to make custom made wax strips packaging boxes, many corporate wax strips makers contact us with their wax strips packaging boxes design to get the wax strips packaging boxes. Rest of the printing, including the printing of the images and text, is performed by our expert printers. Normally, the wax strips boxes are printed with the images, company logo and other details with real life color combinations.

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