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Wax Strips Packaging Hanger Boxes

Wax Strips Packaging Hanger Boxes

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Wax strips packaging hanger boxes are used to pack and store the wax strips in such a way to protect them from the summer heat or the chilly winters as both damage the basic working strength of the wax strips. As the wax strips are, basically, used to remove the hair from the human body, if the wax is melted, the basic function cannot be performed by the wax strips. So, the specially designed hanging box is used to pack and store the wax strips at the desired place. The small hole in the flip lid of the box is used to hang it with the nail in the wall.

As custom made hanging boxes are made by us for the makers of the wax strips, many customers contact us for the custom boxes, as per their hanging boxes design. The rest of the printed of images and text is done by our printers as per the design with the required types of the colors combinations.

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