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Sun Protection Cream Packaging Boxes

Sun Protection Cream Packaging Boxes



Sum protection cream, like all other cosmetic and medicated creams, are of sensitive and delicate nature. Any exposure if these creams to the heat, chilly colds or the sharp light rays may change their chemical composition, making them dangerous and injurious to human body. In addition to that, semi-liquid crams are packed in heavy weight plastic or glass bottles. So, the sun protection cream packaging boxes are made with the thick, hard though light weighted cardboard. The cream containers are also made with the high quality, shining white, the colored, multi-colored plain and glazed cardboard.

We are one of the cream packaging boxes supplier in Australia, we also make the custom cream packaging boxes for which the design is provided by the corporate customer. The rest of the printing is done by our expert and skilled printers who are trained to print the images and the text, as per the design. Normally, the images and text are printed with real life color combinations.

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