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Skin Beauty Mask Boxes

Skin Beauty Mask Boxes



The skin mask, like other cosmetic cream and masks, is a semi-liquid and lubricant chemical product which is used in the same state. These skin beauty mask boxes are made with the cardboard which is glazed and lubricant from one side to resist the liquid and oily nature of the skin beauty mask while its outer side is a made with the normal cardboard. Also called, scuba mask box, the skin beauty mask boxes are made with the special type of the cardboard which is also used to make the boxes for other liquids, such as, liquors, the oils, the cream containers and so on.

For the custom printing, the design is given to us by the corporate maker of the beauty mask while the rest of the printing of the skin beauty product boxes is done by our printer. The printing of the mask boxes is done as per the design but normally, the real life and sparkling color combinations are applied to give the skin beauty mask boxes an additional attraction.

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