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Pharma Gel Packaging Boxes

Pharma Gel Packaging Boxes



Some of the gels are used as the cosmetics and as the medicines at the same time. The decision to mark them as the medicine or the cosmetics is difficult. So, the pharma gel packaging boxes are made with the material which is good for the drugs packaging as well. As the pharma gel is a semi-liquid and paste like product which is primarily sold in the plastic or glass bottles or the packets, made with the UV Vinyl plastic sheath, the special type of the strong, hard and the durable cardboard is applied to make them. The packaging pharma box is made as per the state drugs regulations with necessary instructions, such as, manufacturing and the expiry dates etc.

The pharmaceutical packaging boxes are made with the cardboard which is heat, winter cold, moisture or the rain resistant in nature. If these gels are used, basically, as cosmetics, the printing colors and the style is different. These boxes are printed with beautiful, real life attractive color combinations, resembling the cosmetics inside them. But, if the gel inside the boxes is a medicine, the CMYK basic colors are applied to print images and the text. 

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