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Perfume Packaging Boxes

Perfume Packaging Boxes



Due to the special liquid and chemical composition of the perfumes, the excessive delicate styled boxes are required as the perfume packaging boxes. As the liquids are a little heavier in nature, the strong, glazed and yet thin cardboard of white, colored, multi-colored or plain nature. As the perfumes are required to be protected from the harsh hot of chilly weather, the double layered perfume box packaging is required. The inner layer of the ribbed and grooved cardboard is required to further protect the perfume bottles, made with the glass.

The images and the text for the perfume boxes are printed with the real life color combinations. The design and the printing of the perfume boxes for the perfumes for the male and the female perfumes is different. When we make and print the perfume boxes for the corporate customer as custom made boxes, the printing and the manufacturing is done by us as per the perfume packaging design, provided by customer.

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