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Boxes with Ribbon Flower

Boxes with Ribbon Flower



The packing and the presentation of the gifts in appropriate gift boxes has always been a problem. Though some of the boxes are beautifully made and are presentable, but the boxes with ribbon flower have solved many such problems. Made typically for the gifts for the children birthdays, the wedding & engagement occasions and so on, these small gift boxes with ribbon flower upon them, are sold like hot cakes in the Australian markets.   

These are cardboard gift boxes are made with the special type of the white, beautifully colored, plain, glazed, textured or designed cardboard. The ribbon upon the boxes is made with the colored fabric or the crystal clear, transparent or the colored UV Vinyl plastic sheath. These ribbon flowers are artistically made with the single real life flower colors or are combination of different colors and the materials. Some of the flowers are made with the gold or silver metal foiled material to give touch of the luxury and high value gift. Some of the images and text are printed the beautiful, sparkling and dense color combinations.

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