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Metallic Foil Boxes

Metallic Foil Boxes



Metallic foil material is, typically, applied to make the metallic foil boxes which are required to be completely air tight and safe from the atmospheric pollutions. One such example is the food boxes and some of the medicine. These boxes are made with the material which is made with the metal foil sheet.

Some of the boxes are made with normal cardboard or the UV PVC plastic sheath but their inner layer is made with the thin and delicate metal sheet. This metal sheet is required to protect the ingredients of the box from the dust, dirt, chemical & industrial fumes, the environmental pollution and the organic germs, injurious to human health. In most of such double sheeted custom metallic foil boxes are required to make the boxes for the food and some of the raw food particles.

We also make the custom metallic foil boxes for the corporate clientele for which the design is given by the customer. Rest of the metallic foil boxes packaging is done by our team of the professional printers.

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