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Metallic Foil & Embossed Cosmetic Boxes

Metallic Foil & Embossed Cosmetic Boxes



Some of the cosmetic products or the medicines are required to be stored and preserved in the specially designed metallic foil & embossed cosmetic boxes, in order to save them from the industrial chemical fumes or from the environmental pollutants. The metal foil provided the ideal and the best protection from the chemical pollutants and the organic germs which are injurious to human health.

Such cosmetic box, made with the metallic foil material are widely applied to store some of the cosmetic products. The modern trend is there to use the gold or silver foiled decorative gift boxes with lid to pack and deliver the gifts in them. Due to the metallic origin, embossing and debossing printing techniques are widely applied to give touch of high value and price. Custom gift boxes are made by us for the corporate manufacturers for which the design is provide by them while rest of the job is done by our team of the printers. Upon the custom gift boxes, the images and the text are printed with the sharp and sparkling color combinations.

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