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Lipstick boxes

Lipstick boxes



The human lips occupy the prime position in the beauty of the human face. To enhance the impact of the lips upon the beauty of the face, the lipsticks of different colors, the shades and the flavors are applied. These different designs and the colors of the lipstick are packed in the lipstick box. Due to the collection of the different designs, the lipstick box is also called family box as they contain different varieties of the lipsticks in it. The lipstick box is made with the beautiful, white, colored, plain or textured cardboard or in rare cases, with the clear and the transparent UV polypropylene plastic.

Similarly, the lipstick case is made with the UV polypropylene plastic the color of which resembles to the color of the lipstick in the case. Being the major printer of the lipstick boxes, the custom lipstick boxes are made for the corporate customers who provide their custom design. The rest of the printing is done by our team of the experts.

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