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Lid-off Gift Box with Plastic Gemstone

Lid-off Gift Box with Plastic Gemstone



The gift boxes are required to be beautiful in order to impress the gift taker. Now, special type of the beautiful gift boxes with the gemstone upon the lid. Gifts are now packed in the lid-off gift box with plastic gemstone. These gemstone boxes are beautifully made and decorated with the gemstones upon the lid.

Many customers contact us for the manufacturing of the custom lid-off gift box as we the lid-off gift boxes supplier in Australia. These boxes may be made with the gold or silver foiled material to make the boxes and the gift more valuable. These gemstone boxes are printed with the most beautiful and attractive color combinations, resembling the occasion, such as, wedding, engagement or the birthdays.

The images and the text upon the gemstone boxes are printed with the most attractive and lively color combinations. To add to the beauty of the liid-off gift box with plastic gemstone, the embossing and the debossing printing techniques are also applied. 

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