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Kraft Pillow Boxes with Window

Kraft Pillow Boxes with Window



Most of the comfort and peaceful human sleep depends upon the softness and relaxing ability of the pillows. The specific comfort and the peace depends upon the freshness of the pillow. To preserve the said ability of the comfortability of the pillows, the kraft pillow boxes with window are hot popular in the house hold of Australia. The kraft pillow boxes are made with the recycled brown karaft paper which is raw, hard and strong cardboard or paper.

These pillow box packaging is made with the window lid for the passing in and out of the air to keep the cotton or the other ingredient of the pillows inside the boxes. To make the pillow boxes bulk, we offer to make the custom pillow boxes for which the design is given to us by the corporate customer while the rest of the printing is done by our team of professionals. The printing of images and text upon the custom pillow boxes is done as per the design of the customer but normally, is made with the beautiful and comfortable color combinations which may sooth the human mid and eyes in the night time.

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