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Hair extension boxes

Hair extension boxes



As it is difficult for an ordinary girl and the women to change the hair style as per the changing hair style, the hair extensions have solved the problem. Now, the hair extension are protected and stored in the hair extension boxes. As the hair extensions are a product which are sold over the counter after the display of the hair extensions, the hair extensions are store in hair extension packaging boxes which are made with the window lid or the display panel. Alternatively, the hair extensions packaging box is made with the flip lid which is made with the clear and transparent Vinyl plastic sheath.

As the harsh weather, the dirt, dust, industrial chemical fumes and the other environmental pollutants are harsh enemies of the hair extensions, the hair extension boxes are, normally, made with the hard, strong, thick and water & moisture absorbing cardboard. The cardboard is printed with the sharp, glowing and the sparkling color combinations which resembling the real life hair colors.

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