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Glitter Lid & Tray Gift Boxes

Glitter Lid & Tray Gift Boxes



The glitter is a well-known cosmetic product which is hot popular among the women of all ages, especially the teen aged girls. As the glitter is made with the different colors and the shades, the women usually decide to use the color and shades, depending upon the type of makeup, the dress or the type of the party. The glitter of different colors and shades are packed and sold in the glitter lid and tray gift boxes. As the glitter is the product which is sold over the counter after seeing through the color and shades, these glitter gift boxes are made with the cardboard with the window lid or the with the UV polypropylene plastic which is the clear and transparent in nature and are printed beautifully.

Some of the glitter boxes are made as the gold glitter gift box which is also used to present as value able gift or present. As the cosmetic gift boxes are very valuable gift products, the some glitter boxes are used as decorative gift boxes which can also be used as the gift box.

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