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Flip Top Cuff Box with Foam Insert

Flip Top Cuff Box with Foam Insert



Normally, the special type of the boxes are used for the safe and secure protection of some of the products, such as, jewelry and other such small precious things of daily usage. The flip top cuff box with foam insert is one such type of boxes which are used for the safety of the small, the high priced and delicate jewelry products. In such boxes, the foam is inserted which is then used to keep the jewelry at one place. Foam insert for jewelry boxes is used to absorbed and stop the moisture, dust, dirt, industrial fumes and the environmental pollutants from reaching and damaging the quality of the high priced jewelry. The jewelry box foam insert is also used to protect the jewelry from damage due to mutual collision.

The foam insert box is normally made with the good quality, hard, thick and strong cardboard to further protect the moisture from reaching jewelry by absorbing it. As we are famous for the printing of the custom foam inserts for boxes, the corporate customers provide us with the design and rest of the printing is made by our printers.

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