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Double Sided Print Boxes

Double Sided Print Boxes

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Some of the boxes are made with purpose to pack and store such products which are double sided in style and shape. These double sided print boxes are either made with horizontal double lid on both the sides of box or are made with the upper or lower lid. Due to the double sides open, they need to be printed from both the sides. When open, these boxes are exposed and open from both the sides.

Such type of the boxes are typically used to pack the food items, such as, cakes or the pizzas or in other cases, are required for the packaging of the decoration pieces. Such boxes are printed with different color, design, images, text and even the opening design from both the sides. To make such double sided boxes, double sided paper is required. To maintain the beauty of the printing, the custom double sided print boxes are made by us as per the design of the corporate customers. The rest of the printing and manufacturing is done by our expert and skilled printers. The images are and the text upon both the sides of the paper may be printed with different color combinations, but as per the design of the customer.

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