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Cream Packaging Boxes

Cream Packaging Boxes



Cream is a semi-liquid and the paste like cosmetic product which is a little heavier than normal cosmetic products. So, comparatively stronger and durable cream packaging boxes are required to pack and store them. The cream box is made with the cardboard which is thin, strong and still light weighted. This cardboard is either white, colored, multi-colored, plain, textured or designed in nature. The cream containers are made with the cardboard which is plain and glazed from outside but rough from the internal side.

One more type of the cream boxes are cardboard ice cream containers which are made with the cardboard which is glazed and wetness proof from inside to resist the liquid ice cream but is different made from outside. As cream boxes are normally printed as custom made but us for the corporate cream makers, we print images and the text upon such boxes with beautiful and real life colors combinations. The images of some beautiful superstar or any other iconic beautiful women is printed upon such boxes. 

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