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Cosmetic Sleeve and Tray with Moulded Insert

Cosmetic Sleeve and Tray with Moulded Insert



Some manufacturer and the brand marketers make and sell the collection of the different cosmetic sets as makeup kits which are essential for one time makeup. Some of these cosmetic kits are packed as the cosmetic sleeves and tray with moulded insert. These sleeves are made with the tray upon which different cosmetics are pasted and are inserted into the beautiful insert. Sometimes, the trays are made with the cardboard but in most of the cases, such moulded trays are made the UV protected Polypropylene plastic. The cosmetic sleeve is also made with cardboard or with crystal clear and transparent UV polypropylene plastic. Yet, in some other cosmetic box with sleeve, the boxes are made with the window lid to see through the cosmetics, packed inside.

Typically, the cosmetic packaging boxes are printed with the images of the cosmetic products which are packed inside. These images and the text are of the high resolution, sharp and the sparkling nature resembling the cosmetic products, general used for the makeup.

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