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Cosmetic Boxes with Reverse UV Printing

Cosmetic Boxes with Reverse UV Printing



To make the cosmetic boxes more and more beautiful, the special chemical treatment is given to the cosmetic boxes to print the cosmetic boxes with reverse UV printing. In such printing, the boxes are made with normal material but the inner side of the boxes are made with the UV quoting to save and protect the boxes form the moisture, the wetness and other lubricants. These custom printed boxes are used to store the products which are liquid in nature and need the glazed, smooth and the water proof inner surface to contain the water or other such liquids.

Makeup subscription boxes are made with the reverse UV printing technique. As the makeup box is required to pack and store different cosmetics, some of which are liquid in nature, the inner side of the cosmetic boxes are made to protect the inner layer from the chemical hazards. Many companies contact us for the manufacturing and the printing of the custom printed boxes. Understanding the nature of the custom printed boxes, the appropriate images and the text are printed upon these makeup boxes with the color combinations, as suggested in the designs.

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