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Cardboard Box with Window Lid

Cardboard Box with Window Lid



As some of the products are sold over the counter after looking upon the products and things, packed inside the box, these products are packed in the cardboard box with window lid. These boxes are used for all the products of the children & women target markets, the cosmetics, the small home appliances, garments and many such products. Some of the grocery products, the eatables, gift products and such other pieces of decoration are required the cardboard box with window lid. Alternatively, these boxes are made with the upper side with crystal clear and transparent UV Vinyl plastic sheath to look into the boxes.

Such cardboard boxes with window lid or transparent top are made by us in the Australian market. These cardboard boxes for sale in the Australian market are usually custom made, i.e. the design is provided by the customer and the printing is made by us. The printing of the images and text upon such  cardboard box with windows lid is done as per the design, provide to us by the customers.

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