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Black & White Printed Corrugated Box

Black & White Printed Corrugated Box



When the wholesaler is shipping the products to the retailer, normally, the boxes, made with the black & white printed corrugated box is required. These boxes are made with hard, strong and disposable cardboard which made with the recycled material in most of the cases. Due to the lesser cost, these corrugated boxes are used for one time usage to pack and store the wholesale products. In few cases, the corrugated cardboard is used to provide the inner protection layer to the glass bottles or the other glass products.

These printed ribbed and grooved boxes are normally made for the storage and the packaging of the low cost products. As we are known in the Australian market for the supply of the printed corrugated boxes, many corporate customers contact us to make the custom corrugated boxes. These custom printed corrugated boxes are typically printed with the text and some of the raw images which are required for the safe shipment of the products to the destination.

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