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Bath Soap Sleeve & Slide Drawer Boxes

Bath Soap Sleeve & Slide Drawer Boxes



Being the most sensitive cosmetic and the washing products, the moisture, water, wetness, the industrial fumes and other environmental pollutants are the worst enemies of the soaps. If the soaps are packed in the carefully design and made cardboard or paper box, this is due to their sensitive and delicate nature. For more protection, soaps are packed and sold in the bath soap sleeve & slide drawer boxes which are very careful packaging for the soaps. The soap box is, typically, made with the double layers. The first layer of the soap box is made with the soft, thin, glazed and water proof cardboard while the inner layer is made with the delicate and very fine paper to preserve the fragrance of the soap. Now, the modern trend is to pack the bath soaps in sleeves & slide drawer boxes which are normally 35mm slide boxes.

For the high quality and high prices soaps, the slide storage boxes with very fine and high quality printing are frequently used. For the top and best quality soaps, the plastic soap box is a preferred type of the packing for the soaps. 

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